How It Works

It seems like every week a new porn site begins to accept bitcoins in exchange for full member’s area access. This means that you can anonymously pay for these adult sites with relative ease. Although the experience does vary from site to site, the process is fairly straightforward.

1. To start, find a site from one of our posts that you are interested in subscribing to, and click over to the website.
2. If you’re not already on the payments page, navigate to the Join Now, or Create Account page.
3. Select bitcoin as your payment type and then select the subscription length that you desire. Most sites will quote in dollars and show the equivalent bitcoin amount. Some will just show the bitcoin price.
4. You’ll likely be prompted to create a new account for the site. Enter your email address and/or user name and password.
5. From here, things vary. Typically, you’ll encounter one of the following scenarios:

  • Scan the QR code when prompted within the specified time frame
  • Copy or follow a link to a destination wallet.
  • On a mobile phone, send payment through your usual app.
  • Some sites will email your provided address with the necessary payment information.

An important note:
All membership plans are non-recurring which means you will only be billed once. If it’s a great site with a lot of content, take advantage of the longer subscriptions plans that are usually offered. Most of the time you can save big by purchasing a 3 or 12-month membership.